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Sable Antelope Taxidermy

Taxidermy Table Mount Antelope Sable



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Taxidermy Table Mount Antelope Sable

This exquisite specimen features a table mount taxidermy Sable Antelope, expertly crafted and beautifully preserved. The Sable Antelope is a stunning species that inhabits the wooded savannas of East and Southern Africa, from the south of Kenya to South Africa, with a separate population in Angola.

The antelope's distinctive features are captured in exquisite detail, with its signature curved horns, dark brown and black fur, and distinctive white facial markings all accurately represented. The antelope is mounted on a custom base, designed to showcase the animal's natural beauty and majesty.

Measuring 32 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 47 inches in height, this Sable Antelope is a stunning addition to any collection or living space. Its lifelike pose and accurate depiction of the species' distinctive features make it a true testament to the wonders of the natural world, and a beautiful representation of this majestic creature.

Whether you're a collector of exotic taxidermy, or simply looking for a striking piece of home decor, this Sable Antelope is sure to impress with its beauty and realism. With its lifelike pose and intricate detailing, it's a stunning representation of one of Africa's most impressive animals, and a breathtaking addition to any collection or living space.