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Pig Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

Pig Shoulder Mount Taxidermy



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Pig Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

This pig shoulder mount taxidermy is a unique and impressive addition to any collection. The mount captures the essence of this common farm animal, with its distinct snout, large ears and tusks.

Measuring 26" x 26" x 22", the mount is the perfect size for display in a variety of settings. Whether you're a hunter, a farmer, a butcher or simply someone who appreciates the natural beauty of these animals, this pig mount is sure to make a statement.

The mount is designed to be displayed on a wall, providing a unique and captivating focal point for any room.

Overall, this pig shoulder mount taxidermy is a wonderful representation of this iconic farm animal, capturing its beauty and uniqueness in a stunning and lifelike way.

Measuring 26" x 26" x 22".