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Mountain Goat

Naturalistic Mounted Mountain Goat




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Naturalistic Mounted Mountain Goat

This breathtaking taxidermy specimen features a naturalistic, life-sized Mountain Goat, expertly mounted in premier quality. The Mountain Goat is a majestic creature that inhabits the rugged terrain of North America, and this mount captures its features in stunning detail.

The goat's shaggy, white fur is rendered with lifelike texture and shading, while its curved horns are intricately detailed and true to life. The goat is mounted in a lifelike pose, with one leg extended as if stepping forward.

Measuring 21 inches in length, 49 inches in width, and an impressive 58 inches in height, this Mountain Goat is a true showstopper that will add a touch of natural beauty and grandeur to any space. Its size and lifelike detailing make it a statement piece that is sure to impress.

Measures: 21" x 49" x 58"H