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Taxidermy Yellow Golden Pheasant




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Taxidermy Yellow Golden Pheasant

This taxidermy Yellow Golden Pheasant is a beautiful representation of the female of the species, showcasing its vibrant colors and distinctive markings. The Yellow Golden Pheasant is a game bird native to China, known for its striking appearance and graceful movements.

The mount measures 23 inches in height and is expertly mounted on a handmade wooden tree branch, creating a naturalistic and eye-catching display. The mount captures the bird in a lifelike pose, with intricate details that bring the bird to life.

The pheasant's plumage is a mix of soft yellows, browns, and greens, with bold black and white markings that create a stunning contrast. The mount also features lifelike glass eyes that add to the realism of the piece.

Overall, this taxidermy Yellow Golden Pheasant is a striking and unique addition to any collection, perfect for nature enthusiasts and collectors alike.