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Taxidermy Raven

Taxidermy Raven Perched on Black Base



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Taxidermy Raven Perched on Black Base

This taxidermy English Raven is a remarkable piece that captures the essence of this majestic bird. Measuring 14" x 15" x 27", this mount is a perfect representation of the Raven's unique features.

The Raven is a large black bird known for its striking appearance and distinctive call. This mount captures these features with incredible detail, from the bird's beautifully feathered wings to its sharp beak and talons.

The Raven is mounted on a turned wooden T bar base, creating a stunning display that showcases the bird's impressive size and natural posture. The base is crafted with the utmost care, with smooth, polished black wood that complements the bird's sleek appearance.

This mount is a true work of art, featuring lifelike glass eyes that bring the bird to life and intricate details that make it seem as though it could take flight at any moment. It would make a fantastic addition to any collection, providing a unique and captivating display that will impress all who see it. Whether you are a bird lover, a collector, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the natural world, this Raven mount is sure to delight.

Measures 14" x 15" x 27"