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Large Sea Lily Fossil (Seirocrinus Subangularis)

Large Sea Lily Fossil (Seirocrinus Subangularis)

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Large Sea Lily Fossil (Seirocrinus Subangularis)

Very large sea lily fossil (Seirocrinus subangularis) with ammonite inclusions, naturally set within a slate like stone slab that can be wall-mounted. It dates from the from the lower Jurassic period (approximately 200 million years ago.) It was discovered and carefully extracted from the Posidonienschiefer Formation at Holzmaden, Baden-Württemburg, Germany. The Sea Lily or Feather Star is a marine animal from the class Crinoidea of the echinoderms. It is one of the world's so-called "living fossils," with living species still found in today's oceans in a remarkable range of depths and locations from Indonesia to the Caribbean.

54" x 30"