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Large Sea Lily Fossil




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Large Sea Lily Fossil

Large Sea Lily Fossil from Germany is an extraordinary example of prehistoric life, preserved within a slate-like stone slab. This fossil measures an impressive 54 inches by 30 inches and is wall mountable, making it a stunning addition to any collection or display.

The Sea Lily or Feather Star is a type of echinoderm that was abundant in the oceans during the lower Jurassic period, which was approximately 200 million years ago. This fossil is a rare and valuable glimpse into the ancient history of these creatures, which are often referred to as "living fossils" due to the fact that some species still exist today in a remarkable range of depths in oceans around the world, from Indonesia to the Caribbean.

The fossilized Sea Lily is a beautiful and intricate example of the species, with delicate, feathery arms that would have extended out into the water to capture plankton and other small organisms for food. The fossil has been naturally set within the slate-like stone slab, providing a stunning contrast between the dark stone and the light, intricate fossil.

Overall, the Large Sea Lily Fossil from Germany is a remarkable and unique piece of natural history, providing a glimpse into the ancient world and the complex and diverse forms of life that have evolved over millions of years. Its impressive size and stunning detail make it a truly remarkable addition to any collection or display.