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Scandinavian Painted Step-Back Pine Cupboard

1831 Scandinavian Step-Back Pine Cupboard



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1831 Scandinavian Step-Back Pine Cupboard

This is a antique Scandinavian cupboard made in 1831 from pine wood. This cupboard has a step-back design where the upper section is set back from the lower section. It has a robust, polychrome-painted dentil cornice at the top, which is a decorative molding that features evenly spaced blocks resembling teeth.

The cupboard doors are also painted with floral sprays, which means that they are decorated with painted flowers. One of the doors is initialed R.K.S., which likely stands for the person who owned or commissioned the cupboard, while the other door is dated 1831, indicating the year the cupboard was made.

The dimensions of the cupboard are 60 inches in width, 22 inches in depth, and 76 inches in height. This means that it is quite a large piece of furniture that would be ideal for storing various items such as dishes, books, or other household items. Overall, this cupboard is an antique piece of furniture that is both functional and visually appealing due to its unique design and decorative details.

Measures: 60" x 22" x 76"

Weighs: Approximately 150 LBS