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Rooster Taxidermy

Taxidermy Rooster




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Taxidermy Rooster

This charming taxidermy specimen features a cream-colored rooster in a pecking position, expertly mounted on a sturdy base. The rooster's lifelike pose and intricate feather patterns are captured in exquisite detail, with creamy white feathers covering the body and contrasting red accents on its comb.

Measuring 22" in length, 7" in width, and 19" in height, this rooster is a delightful addition to any collection or display. Its compact size and naturalistic posture make it a perfect fit for a variety of spaces, from the home to the office or studio.

Whether you're a collector of unique taxidermy, or simply looking for a striking piece of home decor, this cream-colored rooster is sure to impress with its beauty and realism. With its charming pose and delicate coloration, it's a beautiful representation of the natural world, and a wonderful addition to any space.

22" x 7" x H 19"