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Pecten Latissiumus Fossil




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Pecten Latissiumus Fossil

Pecten latissimus fossil mounted on a wooden base is an impressive example of prehistoric life, measuring 14 inches by 8 inches with a height of 20 inches. This large group of pectens, or scallops, is mounted on a wood base, creating an aesthetically pleasing display that appears almost sculpted from the limestone rock in which they were found in the south of France.

The Pecten latissimus species has its roots in the Carboniferous period, dating back over 350 million years, and is still present in the modern era. This fossil is a rare and valuable glimpse into the ancient history of these fascinating creatures, offering a window into the evolution of life on our planet.

The fossil is particularly noteworthy as it is no longer possible to collect specimens from this site, making it a truly unique and irreplaceable piece. The preservation of these fossils is therefore of significant importance, particularly as the impact of human activity on the natural world becomes increasingly pronounced.

Overall, this Pecten latissimus fossil is a remarkable and captivating example of the beauty and diversity of life on Earth, offering a rare insight into the ancient history of this fascinating species. Its size, intricate detail, and unique provenance make it a truly extraordinary addition to any collection or display.