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Mughal Majesty: Carved Marble Jali Screen/Window 73.25

Mughal Majesty: Carved Marble Jali Screen/Window 73.25"H



Mughal Majesty: Carved Marble Jali Screen/Window 73.25"H

Transport yourself back in time and immerse your surroundings with the enchanting allure of ancient Indian architecture through this magnificent Jali, a true representation of artistic finesse from the Mughal era. Known for its versatility, this opulent pierced screen served as a window or a room divider showcasing the remarkable craftsmanship of that bygone era.

As daylight gently caressed its delicate carvings, the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow graced the floor, enriching every moment with the mesmerizing dance of intricate geometries. This Jali, an exquisite replica meticulously crafted to match the one displayed at the illustrious Metropolitan Museum in New York, evokes the grandeur and elegance of a series of windows adorning the exterior walls.

Marvel at the expertly carved marble that forms this artistic masterpiece, symbolizing the enduring legacy of the Mughal empire under the reign of the visionary Emperor Akbar. Standing tall at an impressive 52" wide and 73.25" high, this Jali promises to be the crowning glory of any space, infusing your surroundings with an essence of regal splendor and cultural richness that transcends the boundaries of time.

Indulge in the beauty of history and relish the chance to own a piece of artistry that echoes the legacy of the Mughal dynasty, carrying the spirit of ancient India into your modern abode. With this Jali, embrace the magnificence of the past and elevate your surroundings with a touch of timeless sophistication.

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3" x 52" x 73.25"H