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Mid-Century Couroc Fish Tray

Mid-Century Couroc Fish Tray

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Mid-Century Couroc Fish Tray

This Couroc tray is a type of decorative tray made by the Couroc Company, which was founded in 1948 by Guthrie Courvoisier and Moira Wallace in Monterey, California. Couroc trays are known for their distinctive design and craftsmanship. They are made by laminating various materials, such as metals, woods, and plastics, together with a durable phenolic resin. The trays often feature intricate inlay designs, incorporating a variety of materials like shells, coins, and other objects. Couroc trays gained popularity for their unique aesthetic appeal and versatility, as they can be used for serving food and drinks or as decorative pieces. Today, Couroc trays are considered collectible items, appreciated for their artistry and nostalgic charm.

13" x 10" x .5"