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Mid Century Bamboo Decorated Standing Floor Lamp with Shade

Mid Century Bamboo Decorated Standing Floor Lamp with Shade



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Mid Century Bamboo Decorated Standing Floor Lamp with Shade

Bamboo Decorated Standing Floor Lamp with Shade by Frederick Cooper:

Measures: 11" x 20" x 61" H

In 1923, Frederick Cooper, a Chicago artist, established a studio to create beautiful sculpture and watercolor paintings. American architecture was in its heyday in the Windy City. Mr. Cooper was drawn to the still fairly new invention of lamps. Through mixing the media of brass, fabric, glass and wood, Cooper created exquisitely designed lamps that matched the swift innovation in American architecture. This heritage carries on today, with designs that are at the forefront of style and fashion. We create the most artistic designs, using exquisite materials and superior craftsmanship.


Quite simply, we design and create illuminated art. We use the finest natural materials - brass, bronze, nickel, copper, marble, jade and alabaster – and also create art glaze ceramics, hand decorated porcelain, and crystal.


Our design committee is in unfettered pursuit of the broadest array of styles - refreshed traditional to transitional with classic lines. These include Deco, Nouveau, Cubist, Organic - clean and elaborate. We have design collaborations with Larry Laslo, Mario Buatta, Alexander Julian, John Mascheroni and Joann Barwick. Starting from our designers' ideas, renderings, and drawings, Frederick Cooper's global network of committed artisans create heirloom quality lamps. We carefully select a luxurious fabric to shade each lamp base. Our signature Frederick Cooper shades are peerless in execution. Unmatched quality is the core of our business.