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Italian Bar by Cantú Italy

Italian Bar by Cantú Italy



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Italian Bar by Cantú Italy

High-style Italian drybar cabinet made by La Permanente Mobili Cantu in the 1950s. The drybar is made of Macassar wood veneer and features a modernist graphic design on the door of the cabinet, which is used to store decanters and bottles. The bar also has a beautiful bronze door handle on the front and a marquetry chevron floor.

The drybar is designed with plenty of storage space and shelving, and is crafted with incredible quality and superb craftsmanship. The interior spaces of the cabinet are fully finished, and the original keys are included. The drybar measures 49 inches by 67 inches by 76 inches and can be easily disassembled for transport.

Overall, this is a beautiful and rare piece of Italian design that would make a stunning addition to any home or bar.

Measures: 49" x 67" x 76"