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Intricately Carved Ruby in Zoisite Hippo 8

Intricately Carved Ruby in Zoisite Hippo 8"




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Intricately Carved Ruby in Zoisite Hippo 8"

This stunning and unique decorative piece  measures 8 inches in length. This exquisite hippo figurine is expertly crafted from the rare gemstone Ruby in Zoisite, renowned for its beautiful green and red coloration.

The intricate carving of this hippo is a true testament to the skill and precision of the master carver who created it. Every detail is carefully sculpted, from the hippo's imposing size and muscular build, to its expressive eyes and finely-textured skin.

The ruby in zoisite gemstone adds an extra layer of depth and beauty to this stunning decorative piece, with its rich red ruby contrasting beautifully with the deep green of the zoisite. The combination of these two gemstones creates a striking visual effect that is sure to draw attention and admiration from anyone who sees it.

Measures: 8" x 3" x 4"