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Framed Seychelles Leaf Insect

Framed Seychelles Leaf Insect

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Framed Seychelles Leaf Insect

Framed Seychelles Leaf Insect:

Pulchriphyllium bioculatum, Seychelles leaf insect, Javanese leaf insect, or Gray's leaf insect, is a leaf insect of the family Phylliidae native to tropical Asia as well as Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles. It was first described by George Robert Gray in 1832 and was the first phasmid he discovered. Leaf insects have extremely flattened, irregularly shaped bodies, wings, and legs. They are usually about 5–10 cm long (2–4 in long). They are called leaf insects because their large, leathery forewings have veins that look similar to the veins on the particular type of leaves they inhabit. Its scientific name bioculatum means "two-eyed" and refers to the two dots located on the abdomen just in this species.

Measures: 7" x 7" x 1"