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Flying Mallard

Flying Taxidermy Mallard




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Flying Taxidermy Mallard

This magnificent Taxidermy Flying Mallard is a beautiful piece of art that captures the grace and elegance of this iconic waterfowl. The bird has been expertly preserved and mounted, with meticulous attention paid to every detail, ensuring that it looks as lifelike as possible.

Measuring at L 22" x W 16" x H 12", this Taxidermy Flying Mallard is a substantial piece that will make a bold statement wherever it is displayed. It comes equipped with a hanging mechanism that allows it to be suspended from the ceiling, creating the illusion of flight and adding a sense of movement to the room.

This Taxidermy Flying Mallard is a perfect addition to any collection of taxidermy, or as a standalone piece that will add a touch of natural beauty to any room. It is a striking and unique piece that will undoubtedly be admired by anyone who sees it.

Measures: L 22" x W 16 X H 12"