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Double Mounted Ostrich Eggs




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Double Mounted Ostrich Eggs

Pair of ostrich eggs with finial and connecting piece mounted on a wooden base. 24" H

The Creel and Gow mounted ostrich egg collection is a true work of art that combines the natural beauty of ostrich eggs with the expert craftsmanship of Creel and Gow. Each egg in this collection is mounted on a turned wooden base, which has been crafted exclusively for Creel and Gow in Italy.

The eggs themselves are stunning examples of nature's artistry, with their unique shapes, colors, and patterns. Ostrich eggs are known for their impressive size and durability, making them a perfect canvas for artistic expression. The expert mounting process used by Creel and Gow allows the eggs to be displayed in all their glory, with each delicate curve and line perfectly showcased.

The turned wooden bases, made exclusively for Creel and Gow in Italy, provide a beautiful and sturdy foundation for each egg. The bases are expertly crafted and finished, with a smooth and polished surface that perfectly complements the natural texture of the ostrich egg.

Whether displayed as a collection or as individual pieces, these mounted ostrich eggs are sure to be a stunning addition to any space. They are both elegant and unique, with each egg possessing its own individual character and charm.

Overall, the Creel and Gow mounted ostrich egg collection is a true testament to the beauty of nature and the skill of expert craftsmen. These mounted eggs are sure to be treasured pieces for generations to come, offering a unique and beautiful glimpse into the wonders of the natural world.