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Clare Potter The Boat House Small Porcelain Vase and Flowers



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Clare Potter The Boat House Small Porcelain Vase and Flowers

Clare Potter The Boat House Small Porcelain Vase and Pink Roses. 3" x 3" x 4"

Without any formal training, Clare Potter began experimenting with porcelain clay. Her passion for gardening and fascination with nature led her to her subjects: first fruits and vegetables and later flowers. She soon realized that she was following in the tradition of the great 18th century European porcelain factories. Her contemporary and more natural adaptations of these art forms are delicate and detailed arrangements that capture the beauty and imperfections of nature. Surprises of nature are her trademark and no two of her pieces are ever alike. Her work combines the finest craftsmanship with a lifetime of observation and study that results in a realism that is mesmerizing.
Unlike glazed porcelains, Clare fires each piece to the bisque stage and then, painstakingly, applies multiple layers of color washes, mixed to penetrate the porous surface of the fired clay, leaving a soft, natural finish to the finely detailed creation.
Over the past 20 years, Clare’s work has been featured in numerous magazines and in a number of books including Simply Flowers by Barbara Orbach, A Passion For Detail by Charlotte Moss and Floral Style by Vena Lefferts and John Kelsey. She has had a number of exhibitions, including at the Emmanuel Moatti Gallery in Paris, and at Mallett in New York City. Her work has been featured in the windows of Tiffany in New York City and is celebrated in many important collections both here and abroad.