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Chinese Zodiac Goat Head

Chinese Zodiac Goat Head




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Chinese Zodiac Goat Head

Chinese Zodiac Goat Head

Measures: 10.5" X 14" X 9.5"

Weighs: 6.5 LBS

The Goat (Chinese: 羊; pinyin: yáng, sometimes also translated Sheep or Ram) is the eighth of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. This zodiacal sign is often [1] referred to as the "Ram" or "Sheep" sign,[2] since the Chinese word yáng is more accurately translated as Caprinae, a taxonomic subfamily that includes both goats and sheep,[3] but contrasts with other animal subfamily types such as Bovinae, Antilopinae, and other taxonomic considerations which may be encountered in the case of the larger family of Bovidae in Chinese mythology, which also includes the Ox (zodiac). The Year of the Goat is associated with the 8th Earthly Branch symbol, 未 (wèi).[4]