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Carved Malachite Elephant

Malachite Elephant




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Malachite Elephant

Carved Malachite Elephant: Measures: 8" x 3" x 5"

This exquisite malachite elephant is a result of meticulous hand carving by talented craftsmen from the Congo. Malachite is a stunning green mineral that forms in bands of different shades and shapes. It is a prized gemstone and a source of vibrant pigment. The malachite used for this elephant originates from the Congo, where it is also carefully sculpted into a realistic and graceful form. The Congo is renowned for producing the highest quality of malachite in the world, with rich colors and complex patterns. This carving is a rare and refined piece of art that will enhance the beauty and elegance of any space. Measures: 8" x 3" x 5".