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Mounted "Butler's Ball" or "Gazing Ball"- Discreet Gaze 18"

Art de la table Decor



Mounted "Butler's Ball" or "Gazing Ball"- Discreet Gaze 18"

Known as both "Butler's Balls" and "Gazing Balls," these ingenious devices were once employed by astute staff members to discreetly observe guests without overtly staring at them. The Butler's Ball, typically a large Mercury Glass (stainless steel) sphere elegantly perched upon a finely turned wooden base, found its place in dining rooms as an unassuming tool for butlers to monitor the flow of a dinner party through its reflective surface. By gazing into the polished orb, the butler could maintain a subtle watch over the guests' needs and ensure the event unfolded seamlessly, all without drawing undue attention to their discreet surveillance. These graceful and functional items from the past serve as a captivating reminder of the art of subtlety and attentiveness in the etiquette-driven world of yesteryears.

10" in diameter x 18" H