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Silver Plated Nautilus Spoon Warmer

Silver Plated Nautilus Spoon Warmer

Art de la table- Oceanic



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Silver Plated Nautilus Spoon Warmer

Antique Victorian silver plated nautilus shell design spoon warmer with hinged lid sitting on a rocky base, 1870. A Victorian invention and considered one of the essential “fancies” to every well-run household, the spoon warmer was once very popular. Spoon warmers were created in the days before central heating when breakfast consisted of hot porridge and the dinners needed to remain warm. Ceilings were high and rooms drafty. Grasping a warm spoon must have seemed comforting. So little is known about spoon warmers today and not many people care, but it was an essential of its time. How could a proper house function if a warm dish suffered the affront of a cold stuffing spoon?

6" H