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Anthropomorphic Terracotta Lion wearing a Crown of Thorns
Taxidermy Chick Mounted on Slate
African Sacred Ibis
Agate Slice VI
Beaded Ceremonial Headdress From Nigeria, Multicolor
Beryl Emerald Frog
Agate Stone Bowl, 6
Brass Owl Bottle Opener
Jellyfish Sculpture, Golden Barberry Glass
Seba. Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. 40th Ed.
Nautilus Mounted on Silver Base With Red Coral
Large Early 20th Century Sun King Carved Wooden Emblem Sculpture
Agate Slice IIII
Agate Stone Bowl
Handmade Vintage Cotton Suzani, Red, Orange, and Black
Handmade Vintage Cotton Suzani, Black and Rust
Chrysocolla Obelisk
Chinese Opera Theatre Marionette, Red Silk Robe, Pink Pom Poms
Early 20th Century Painted Metal Fish
Hand Blown Mercury Glass Mirrored Raindrops
Extra Large Mounted Purple Amethyst Druzy Geode
Indian Blue Peacock
Jellyfish Sculpture, Iridescent Luna Glass
Lady Amherst Pheasant Wall Mounted Taxidermy Specimen
Zebra Rug, Extra Large
Malachite Elephant
Rattan Torso